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Can i buy viagra online with a prescription - Buy viagra at walmart

Can i buy viagra online with a prescription - Buy viagra at walmart

Waste Container Services Inc.’s smaller garbage bins are available at the lowest bin rental prices in Ajax and around the Toronto area. Our small garbage bins also known as mini bins are available to rent in 5 and 10 cubic yard bin dimensions. These smaller rental dumpsters will fit on most driveways of townhouses in the GTA.  These bin rentals are ideal for tight lane ways or shared driveways; really just about anywhere within the GTA.  Since these rental bins are smaller, it is easy to make multiple waste removal trips from your Ajax location.

Scheduling the Delivery of Your Ajax Bin Rental

Our customer service team will be glad to help you select the correct rental bin for your specific project needs!  Please call us at 416-467-6664 with any questions and to schedule your bin drop-off.  Prior to delivery, please be sure to provide us with a clear, safe and easily accessible site location for the drop off the bin rental.

Garbage Bin Rentals for Ajax Homes & Businesses

Depending on where in Ajax your project is taAjax place, you may find a large dumpster rental would take up too much space. We find the smaller waste containers getting used more in the downtown core and in areas where it’s really not practical to bring a large roll off dumpster bin carrying truck.  Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, if the work is in a tighter area, these mini garbage bin rentals might be just what you need!

WCSI Offers Much More Than Small Garbage Bin Rentals

Renting the small garbage bins in Ajax is just a part of what Waste Container Services Inc. has to offer.  In addition, we provide everything from roll off dumpster rentals, front-end bins, compactors, and junk removal and demolition services to porta potty rentals. Of course we would love the opportunity of discussing any of your waste removal needs whether in Ajax or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


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