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Brampton Junk Removal & Garbage Bin Rentals

Waste Container Services Inc. offers low-priced junk removal services in Brampton and the entire Greater Brampton area for solid non-hazardous waste like old furniture, appliances, renovation debris/construction waste, estate cleanouts or garage clean-ups for your home or business. Regardless of whether you call it waste hauling, trash or rubbish removal, or something else – our fully insured Brampton junk removal crew is ready, willing, and able to remove almost anything.

What is the price for junk removal services in Brampton, ON?

There are only a few factors that determine our junk removal prices. We invite you to call Customer Service to discuss your junk removal project. Our junk removal professionals will explain how your rate can change depending upon the size of the load. Go ahead and schedule a time for our professional junk removal crew to come out to your Brampton location. Once there, all you need to do is simply point them to the waste items or junk and they will promptly remove it from your Brampton premises.

Junk removal services as an easy alternative to a dumpster rental

While we provide everything from roll off dumpster rentals in Brampton, ON to renting mini garbage bin containers, many Waste Container Services Inc. customers prefer that we do the “heavy lifting” instead of their doing the hauling and cleanup themselves. Of course we would love the opportunity of discussing a Brampton dumpster rental with you, but also understand the appeal of our junk removal services in the GTA.


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