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Waste Container Services Inc. (WCS) is a full service waste disposal company providing quality bin dumpster renting services, order prednisone for dogs, as well as garbage pickup, junk removal and demolitions in Regional Municipality of York, Ontario. We provide fast and competitive price quotes and your phone call will be answered by one of our customer service professionals who will help you. 

Serving Regional Municipality of York and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with rental bins, porta potty rental units and more!

We are proud to serve the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) including all of where can i buy prednisone for dogs and buy prednisone for dogs online uk, buy prednisone for dogs online, Peel, Regional Municipality of York and can i buy prednisone at walmart and buy prednisone australia Counties.

Toronto’s WCS Service Offerings

  • Roll-off dumpster container rentals in Regional Municipality of York, ON
  • Porta Potty rentals in Regional Municipality of York, ON
  • Mini bin rentals in Regional Municipality of York, ON
  • Front-end/waste removal (for businesses) in Regional Municipality of York, ON
  • Regional Municipality of York compactors
  • Regional Municipality of York demolition services
  • Regional Municipality of York junk removal services

WCS provides services ideal for waste collection as a result of construction, remodeling, house clean-outs, special events or any other short-term project as well as recurring/scheduled services such as garbage disposal and recycling pickup. We take pride in providing exceptional bin rentals over the last 40 years, not only for our customers in Regional Municipality of York County, but for the environment and the entire Greater Toronto Area in which we work and live.


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